“Gunscapes: Patterns of Contention”

“GIF from: “Gunscapes: Patterns of Contention #15_3sec” 2024 by illhumanated | ( [dNASAb] + Chris Borkowski )
2024 | 1024 x 1024 | .mp4 | 80.6 mb | 13 sec.| 24 fps | 48.1Khz

This body of video art explores the intricate relationship between American culture and the prevalence of firearm ownership, using visual patterns of firearms to delve into thought-provoking commentary on various issues surrounding guns. The artists employ the symbolic imagery of guns to address contemporary topics such as reform, legislation, fetishization, addiction, and the violence they can incite.

In the videos, assault rifles and other firearms are transformed into abstracted forms, constantly evolving and morphing to create mesmerizing patterns. These patterns serve as a metaphor for the complex and ever-changing nature of gun culture in America. Through the use of visual abstraction, the artists prompt viewers to reflect on the profound impact that firearms have on society, both in terms of their physical presence and their symbolic significance.

By juxtaposing the beauty of the visual patterns with the inherent danger and controversy surrounding firearms, the video art invites viewers to engage with the complexities of firearm ownership and its implications for American identity. It challenges viewers to consider the need for reform and the urgent necessity of addressing the issues surrounding gun violence in contemporary society. Ultimately, the artwork serves as a platform for dialogue and reflection on a pressing and divisive issue within American culture.